Wednesday, February 5, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop - Day 5

First Character to go from 1st to the highest level possible in a given edition (Or what's the highest level character you've ran?)

I've never "maxed" out a character. I believe that highest I've had a character reach is level 16. This feat was accomplished both by Will and his son Ulic.

 I know I repeat myself a lot but Will was a level 16 2nd Edition avariel fighter. His son Ulic is a level 3.5 avariel 6 fighter/5 wizard/ 5 bladesinger. I guess technically speaking with level adjustment Ulic is higher level, though Will had to earn an extra 15% or 20% worth of experience to gain levels so I'm not sure.

My goal is 5th edition to take a character from 1st level to whatever the cap is. It would seem that making Ulic's son (or daughter) would be the route to go with that (keeping the tradition alive), but I think I'm going to break the cycle.

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