Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Card Hunter

I've started playing a new online game, Card Hunter. The "fremium" online game is a ccg/rpg/tactics game hybrid. I call it fremium because the game itself is free to play, but some of the bells and whistles are micro transactions within the game.

The game was created by some of designers of Irrational Games (the makers of Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite). Richard Garfield (the creator of Magic: The Gathering) was a consultant. The game is a mock table top. You and your friend Gary, are playing through Gary's brother Melvin's Card Hunter modules. The screens in between the modules look like classic D&D modules and there are many nods. For example, your first adventure takes place in Village of Omelet. Between sessions Gary and Melvin have some fun cometary.

The gameplay itself looks like a D&D battlemat with minis. Various dice, sodas, and books can be seen around the board. Each turn you are dealt a hand of cards that you choose your actions from. It's quite simple to pick up, but there's a lot of strategy and some of the fights can be challenging.  You get new cards to use by wearing different equipment, which can be purchased at shops or found as loot, post battle.

I've not been able to play D&D in a while, but this has scratched that itch for me. It's free and you don't have to download anything (just make sure your Real Player is reasonably up to date).


  1. I just discovered this last week and I've been having a ball with it.

    1. It really is addicting. I'm playing through the Mauve Manticore (Zine) adventures and they are rough.