Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Shadowfell

Wednesday I picked up the 4E Shadowfell boxed set (still sealed) for 14 bucks at Half-Price Books. I don't really play much 4E (or any for the past year), but I still occasionally pick up the books when I find them at good prices. This is one of the books I've really wanted to look at. While I am a Planescape fan, one of my favorite parts of 4E was the cosmology. The idea that the Shadowfell and Feywild were reflections of the prime material plane was a really cool to me. Plus the Shadowfell had real character. The negative energy plane was just there, the Shadowfell seems more alive (intentional ironic statement). 

The boxed set itself is nice. There's a campaign guide (mainly focusing on the city of Gloomwrought and it's inhabitants), an encounters book, a poster map of the city (that can be flipped over for a battle mat), two pages of thick monster tokens, and a despair deck (which is an easy way to deal with the affects the plane has on visitors).

I enjoy the product overall. The box itself is basically a glorified slip case with a lid, but other than that I have no real complaints. Though Ravenloft isn't named, the demiplanes of dread and dark powers are mentioned in passing. There's some really good setting info here and personally I think I'd like to see Gloomwrought and the Shadowfell in my 5E game.

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