Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kole, Witch of the Wild (Basic)

In honor of the summer solstice, I've decided to stat up my 4th edition witch Kole, using Tim Brannan's The Witch for Basic.

Kole is a second generation witch. Raised by his mother in the wilds he learned the natural arts. His mother taught him that most distrust their kind. Rather than being resentful, Kole learned to accept that and did his best to stay away from civilization, only occasionally trading with the nearby borderlands keep. He was never the adventurous sort.

This would change later in life when he began to have strange dreams about the nearby Caves of Chaos. He traveled to the keep and joined a party of brave adventurers in their quest to quell the evil. He parted ways with  the group after their mission was complete, but rather than retiring back to his home, he decided to travel more. While he's no longer in the spring of his life, Kole tends to experience life with youthful excitement.

Kole, Witch of the Wild
Level: 7th 
Class: Witch
Tradition: Classical

Strength 9
Dexterity 13
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 12
Charisma 18

Death Ray or Poison: 11
Magic Wand or Devices: 12
Paralysis, Polymorph, or Turn to Stone 11
Dragon Breath: 14
Rods, Staffs, and Spells: 13

To Hit Armor Class 0: 17
Hit Points: 28
Alignment: Neutral
Armor Class: 5 (3 against slashing and peircing weapons)

Abilities/Occult Powers:
Familiar (Grigori the viper, +1 Int, +2 to Heal)
Herb Use
Temporary Magic


Zero: 5/Day Analyze Pregnancy, Detect Pregnancy, Mend Minor Wounds, Clean, 
1st: 3/Day, Charm Person, Sleep, Spirit Dart
2nd: 2/Day, Biting Blade, Ecstasy
3rd: 2/Day, Bestow Curse, Lifebond
4th: 1/Day, Instant Karma

Equipment/Magic Items:
Blade Resistent Armor, Dagger +1, 2 vials of sky clad oil


  1. Very nice! How does this version compare to your 4th Ed version?

    1. He's not as durable, but more utilitarian and honestly more like how I pictured him in my head.

    2. I think that is pretty typical. At least it is my experience as well.