Saturday, September 27, 2014

500th Post!

Persian Gambit 3 : final image by boscopenciller
Well, it's taken a little over four years, but I've reached 500 posts. There have been more than a few times that I've let this blog go by the wayside, but now I'm committed to posting regularly. I think I'm doing a damn good job too.

To those of you that read regularly (or just occasionally) thanks for the follow.

500th post... 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons...I think it's a conspiracy.

I wanted to have something crunchy for my 500th post. Here are stats for the character I mentioned here. I decided to go with Arabian Nights Gambit, instead of classic fantasy Gambit. I really want to play this guy.

'Azab Waseem

'Azab Waseem was born the third son of a minor noble in a distant desert kingdom. Kidnapped as an infant by the Waseem Clan Thieves Guild. He was forced to live as  part of a gang of street toughs and urchin pickpockets, who taught him the ways of thievery. Early on, the other thieves noted the boy's exceptional luck. At age ten his magical abilities began to manifest and he was adopted by the Waseem Clan's head, Jameel. 'Azab was educated and the family continued to hone his abilities. One his 18th birthday was was wed to Budur, granddaughter of head of the cities assassin's guild. After the wedding 'Azab was challenged by Budur's brother to a duel. He won the duel, killing her brother, and was exiled from his land.

'Azab is a charming sorcerer who's quick to flirt. He's incredibly loyal to his companions, though he has an air of mystery that often causes people to mistrust him. He doesn't have much respect for authority.

'Azab Waseem Character Sheet

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