Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Horror Movie Challenge - Lair of the White Worm (1988)

Synopsis: A Scottish archaeology student discovers a large reptile skull in the remains of a Roman abbey. He then learns the legend of the D'Ampton Worm and meets a local lord, a decedent of the worm's killer. The two soon discover that the worm is real and it's priestess is an immortal vampire-like creature. The pair team up to defeat it and save their respective love interests.

The Good: Young Peter Capaldi! The Pogues! This movie has a lot going for it for those reasons alone. That being said it's an overall fun horror flick. Lair of the White Worm doesn't take itself too seriously and it works because of that. There are all sorts of off jokes and comments made. One of my favorites is one the antagonist throws her copy of Snakes and Ladders into the fire and whispers "Rosebud." 

The Bad: The vision scenes may be a bit too trippy/psychedelic for some. One of the visions also features nuns getting raped by centurions. Also, some of the phallic references are a bit strange.

Final Thoughts: This movie was a lot of fun! It's strange and trippy, but a solid B horror movie. It's also the first time I've liked Hugh Grant in a role.

In Your Game: Here's a new cinematic unisystem quality for Dionin Vampires.

Dionin Vampire (15 Point Quality)

Like traditional vampires (as represented in Buffy and Angel), Dionin vampires gain +3 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity, +2 to Constitution, and two levels of Hard to Kill (they can take as many as 10 levels in total); +2 bonus to smell/taste-based Perception rolls, recover from inuries at the rate of one Life Point per Constitution level every hour (fire damage regenerates at the rate of one Life Point per Constitution level per day; and are immortal.

Unlike traditional vampires, Dionin suffer no penalty for being in sunlight, holy symbols, or stakes through the heart (well no more than anyone else).  They are however vulnerable to music. While they can hear music a Dionin vampire must make a Willpower check to take any action other than dancing.

They gain a bite attack that deals Strength X 2 damage. Their bite also causes paralysis. Victims must roll their Strength (doubled) and gain three Success Levels. If they fail, their dexterity is reduced by four. If the Dexterity reaches zero, the subject is completely paralyzed.  This affect lasts for an hour (though an expenditure of one drama point allows the victim to recover).They may also spit venom a short range (no more than ten feet). The attack does 10 damage.

Dionin vampires may take the Hypnosis quality (as described in Angel).

New To Me Movies Watched: 14
Total Movies Watched: 21


  1. Man one of my favorite all time horror films! But I also love Ken Russell's work. The trippy scenes are 100% him. But I had forgotten that it was Peter Capaldi in this.

    The stats look good, but I think it should be get a straight Willpower check (not doubled) to resist music. Or maybe Willpower doubled for all music and Willpower for certain songs.