Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ash Wednesday - Tool Man Attachments

For today's Ash Wednesday I've decided to present two new attachments for those with the Tool Man quality. These are pretty powerful and should not be added to a game lightly.

Iron Man Gauntlet
In the fan made Army of Darkness vs Marvel Zombies video (which can be found here) Ash gets his most powerful prosthetic to date, Iron Man's gauntlet.

Use Gung-fu to make ranged attacks with the gauntlet. The blasts do 40 damage and ignore 20 points of armor.  When used to make melee attacks the wielder's strength is considered to be 5 higher.

Bionic Commando Attachment
Created to arm the bionic commandos of Earth's future, this cybernetic hand is multipurpose. Attached to a cable, the hand can be launched 10 feet from the owner. While it can't be used to make effective punch attacks, it can be used to grapple opponents at a distance. In addition it allows the wielder to swing like Tarzan or Spider-Man.


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