Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October Horror Movie Challenge - Dracula (1931 - George Melford)

Synopsis: Clerk Renfield soon discovers his employer, Conde Dracula, is a vampire. Soon he finds himself under than vampires control. The pair travel to London. There Dracula causes mayhem until eventually coming into contact with the lovely Eva. Her fiance', Jaun Harker and a professor (Van Helsing) team up to stop Dracula.

The Good: This is like the Browning Dracula with a few variations. This Renfield seemed more mad than the English version. This made him creepier. Also, while I think Legosi is the iconic Dracula, Carlos Villarias is a creepier one. His expressive nature, just seemed twisted.

The Bad: As stated, this is very much like the Browning Dracula.

Final Thoughts: Many have told me the Spanish language version of Dracula is better and I think I agree.

In Your Game: I think you can figure out how to include Dracula in your game.

New To Me Movies Watched: 20.5
Total Movies Watched: 24

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  1. I enjoy both versions, but this one has something special about it.
    Glad you have seen it.