Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Itinerant Gentleman Adventurers - Session 2: Lizardfolk. Why Did It Have to Be Lizardfolk?

This guy's days are numbered.
Over a month later, my back home group played the second session of our new game. You can read about the first here. Character bios are here.

After spending a week prepping, the party set off for the Caves of Chaos. They encountered the lizardfolk mound, fought most of the males, and returned to the Keep to rest. The next day, they set off with Brother Heinrick and his two silent acolytes. After defeating the remaining lizardfolk, the IGA investigated the the mound. Heinrick and his cohorts tossed an alchemical bomb int he mound hoping to kill the party. They nearly succeeded, but the party survived. Though no one knows where Heinrick went, his acolytes and a quartet of goblins were waiting to ambush the party on their way back to the keep. They are pissed and ready to kill Heinrick.

  • I decided to betray the party early, because I knew that Stew had played Keep on the Borderlands before.
  • Stew has actually forgot about the betraying cleric. 
  • Chad actually said he felt Heinrick's betrayal coming, but still wasn't prepared.
  • Chad's character Evervan technically died. He failed his third death save right after the first combat encounter. However, I really didn't want him to have to roll up a new character because it had been so long since we'd played so I gave him a one time pass.
  • The party has a new quest, "The Heinrick Maneuver."
  • The party is now 2nd level.
Looking forward to our next session on January 3rd.

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