Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dungeon Masters Guild - My Favorite Products (Part I)

The Dungeon Masters Guild is a cool resource and marketplace for 5E gamers. I've looked at and purchased a few things and thought I'd highlight a few of my favorites.

Barovian Vampires: Three New Monsters for Ravenloft - written before the release of Curse of Strahd (but after the announcement), this is a fun little product. It includes three vampire variants, my favorite being the challenge level 1 Gutripper.

Blood Hunter Class - I've talked about this one a few times. Matt Mercer originally created it for Vin Diesel and it's a Witcher/Last Witch Hunter hybrid. One of my players in the Itinerant Gentleman Adventurers used it and a player in my Curse of Strahd party includes one.

Order of the Lycan for Blood Hunters - This is an werewolf-centric expansion to the Blood Hunter class. The Blood Hunter in my Curse of Strahd game is going with this order.

Blood Magic - I've always been fascinated with blood magic (especially in the Dragon Age and Legend of the Five Rings settings). This book contains two wizard traditions, a sorcerous bloodline, and a rather creepy fighter archetype.

Journey Through The Center of the Underdark - This 20 page pdf includes 10 serious, 2 monster variants, and material related to my favorite demon prince, Grazzt. This is a perfect addition to any Out of the Abyss game.

These are my favorites. Has anyone else checked out DM Guild material? If so, what do you think?


  1. For the most part , we use my old copy (1st ed) that we have used for 39 years now (with some "modifications" and "additions"

    1. I enjoyed and respect earlier editions, but I tend to have more fun with newer ones. There is some great new stuff available now though, that's fully compatible with the classics.