Friday, March 25, 2016

Two Page Mini Delves

Looking for some entertaining sidetreks for your 5E game? Check out Roving Band of Misfits Press Two Page Mini Delves. The pdfs are (with one exception) actually 3 pages. The delves are two pages (with maps by Dyson Logos), with a universal third page (that discusses how to use the delve), Occasionally there will be a delve specific note on the third page. One of my favorite parts of these adventures is that they aren't level specific. You can plug in whatever level appropriate antagonists that you need, based on the area description. None of the delves are more than 1.50 and several are free.

The Forest Temple - A mother beseeches the party to travel to an abandoned temple in the forest to save her ill daughter.

The Abandoned Outpost - The party is hired to travel to an abandoned border fort to rescue a teen kidnapped by bandits, but all is not what it seems. This delve includes a cool upgradable sword.

Dwarven Museum at Moriah - The dwarven city of Moriah was lost whenever the mountain it was built in erupted. However, some parts are eerily preserved.

Two Page Mini Delves Bundle (Free) - This contains several delves

Cave of Crystals - The party comes across a cave with valuable crystals that can trap souls. Unfortunately there are already souls inside some of them...

Deepwood Memorial - The party is sent to recover documents from a forgetten Elven war memorial

Hornhold Crypts - The party is sent to recover a warhammer form a dwarven crypt. They soon discover a family secret...

The Pale Reaver - The party becomes trapped on a ghost ship with an idol that houses a malformed godling.

Workshop of the Mad Alchemist - Wandering through an old manor house, the party discover an alchemy work shop and darker secrets...

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