Friday, April 29, 2016

He Never Died - Jack

He Never Died (2015) is a drama/thriller or comedic horror (depending on who you're talking to) film starring the always entertaining, Henry Rollins. Rollins plays Jack, an immortal, cannibalistic loner who lives a simple life and avoids others to protect them (and himself).

I loved this movie. It's currently on Netflix and you should all watch it. I don't want to spoil what/who Jack is, but if you highlight the red area beside his name, it will tell you who he really is.

I decided that I wanted to stat him for Cinematic Unisystem using the Angel core book. It seems like a good fit. He's totally not balanced as a cast member, but that's how I statted him out anyway. I did a lot of guess work with his skills.

Jack (Cain)
(Very Experienced) Veteran
Life Points: 89
Drama Points: 10

Strength: 7
Constitution: 9
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 5
Willpower: 5

Qualities: +47
Age 5 (+10) - Though if he's the Biblical Cain this should be Age 600
Fast Reaction Time (+2)
Hard to Kill 5 (+5)
Immortal (+6)
Natural Toughness (+2)
Nerves of Steel (+3)
Regeneration (+6)
Resources: Rich (+4)
Situational Awareness (+2)
Supernatural Senses: Sin (+2)
Unique Kill: Unknown (+5)

Drawbacks: -12
Addiction: Cannibalism (-6)
Antisocial Impulses: Violence (-4)
Humorless (-1)
Recurring Nightmares (-1)

Art 3
Crime 5
Doctor 3
Getting Medieval 5
Gun Fu 5
Knowledge 5
Kung Fu 5
Languages (*)
Mr. Fix It 4
Notice 4
Occultism 3
Science 3
Sports 4

Maneuvers:          Bonus     Damage           Notes
Dodge                       10           None        Avoid getting hit; -2 against ranged,; p. 121
Punch                        10           14            Bash damage; -2 against ranged,; p. 123

*I have no idea how many languages Jack speaks, but considering how long he's been around, it's a lot.

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  1. loved this movie too. keep me informed if you hear anything about the series.