Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z is for Zombrew

Zombie Beer Girl Logo by Jay-Allen-Hansen
"Yeah it tastes great, but it's rotgut for sure. I don't know who the insidious s.o.b. was that created it, but I wish someone could wipe it out of existence."
-Cade Ashworthy

Potion, common, cursed

Zombrew is the generic term for a malicious alcohol created to make undead servitors. A medium strength alcohol (DC 15 constitution saving throw to avoid intoxication). A true rotgut, the necrotic energy in the ale slowly rots drinkers from the inside. In addition, unless drank at least once a day, the ale has a chance to transform one into a zombie. This cursed drink is typically used by evil clerics, necromancers, and unscrupulous nobles.

Curse:  You are cursed. Every day that you don't drink at least a mug of the brew, you must make a DC 10 constitution saving throw. If you miss this saving throw for three consecutive days or fails the saving throw by more than 10, you die and are immediately re-animated as a zombie.


  1. Nice way to round out the A-Z challenge! Grats Pun!!

  2. Agreed, a great nightcap for the month! This has been a really cool series, and on a topic that I would never have thought had the depth for the A to Z challenge. You nailed it, though!

    1. Thanks. I had a lot of fun this year and went into it with the thought that my content should be simple, fun, and stuff that I can actually use.