Thursday, October 13, 2016

Afterlife With Archie - Archie Andrews

I'm resurrecting another All Flesh Must Be Eaten project that I didn't do for some reason. Here's my first real Afterlife With Archie post. Next we'll discuss the Afterlife With Archie Deadworld and the Riverdale Dead.

Archie Andrews
Type: Norm

Strength 2 Intelligence 2
Dexterity 3 Perception 2
Constitution 2  Willpower 3
Life Points 38  Speed 10

Endurance Points 26 Essence Pool 14

Qualities: Fast Reaction Time (+2), Hard to Kill 4 (+4)

Drawbacks: Honorable (-1)

Skills: Brawling 3, Climbing 3, Dodge 4, Driving (Car) 2, Hand Weapon (Baseball Bat) 4, Notice 2, Sports (Baseball) 2, Sports (Basketball) 2, Sports (Football) 2, Swimming 2, Throwing (Axe) 1, Throwing (Ball) 3

Archie has been through Hell since the dead rose. He's had to kill many friends and family, including his father. He's built using Norm rules, but he's competent in combat, we'll say its from years of sports.


  1. Haha! Awesome. This would be a fun campaign. Bring on the Punisher!

    1. On down the line I have several Archie crossover characters/real life personalities: KISS, The Ramones, Predator, I might even do Sharknado.