Friday, October 7, 2016

October Horror Movie Challenge - Hatchet III (2013)

Synopsis: Like Hatchet II, this movie starts as the previous ends. There's a pile of bodies and Marybeth is the primary suspect. Eventually she teams up with local law enforcement to stop Crowley once and for all.

The Good: Like the previous installments, this is full of horror alumni. Kane Hodder returns as Victor Crowley. Derek Mears (Jason in the Friday the 13th remake) Sid Haig (various horror films), and Zach Galligan (the Gremlins series) all have roles in the film.

Also, I lost it when a character that seems to have been killed in the first film shows back up, only to die again.

The Bad: This is definitely the weakest of the trilogy. The kills are cheesier, but for some that might not be an issue.

Final Thoughts: Even though it's not as good, I think this is a fan send off for the serious. 

In Your Game: 
Big F*ckin' Chainsaw!
This huge chainsaw requires a strength of at least five to wield.  It requires a Dexterity and Getting Medieval -3 roll, a Dexterity and Mr. Fix-It -3 roll, or just the Combat Score - 2. It's base damage is 6 X (Strength +1) points (Slash/stab type; to a maximum  of  60 before Success Levels, armor and damage type modifiers are applied). On an attack roll of one, roll again. If the second roll is a failure or a "one" result, the character has hit themselves (and likely taken themselves out of commission). The advantage this chainsaw has over most is that with it's over five foot long length, you can likely hit multiple targets in one swing.

New To Me Movies Watched: 9
Total Movies Watched: 14

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