Saturday, October 8, 2016

October Horror Movie Challenge - Mexico Barbaro (2014)

Synopsis: Like V/H/S and Holidays, Mexico Barbaro is a horror anthology with short films by different directors, though this time all of the behind the scenes folks are from Mexico.

The Good: The opening segment, Tzompantli, is a nice introduction. It's not to crazy, but it sets the mood of the project. The second segment, Jaral de Berrios, is odd, but I really liked it. It's a weird west segment involving two robbers seeking shelter in a haunted location. The lesson is that it doesn't matter if she starts covering you in blood, if you're going down on a Mexican spirit, don't stop until she tells you too. Lo Que Importa Es Lo De Adentro, the fifth segment was one of the creepiest to me. It deals with what the modern day boogie man really is. Warning this has pedophelia and necrophelia ( at the same time and though you don't see it, you do have audio). Siete veces Siete, the seventh segment, is my favorite. It involves a burnt and scarred man named rabbit who does a ritual to bring a man back to life, just to kill him again. I would like to see this segment turned into a full length feature. The final segment, Dia de los Muertos, has strippers taking revenge on horrible customers. It felt like From Dusk til Dawn for a bit. I only wish they'd have killed the owner too.

The Bad: The third segment, Drena, was a dud to me. It's just a weird drug trip sequence that involves a troll-like creature threatening to suck someones soul out through their anus. Le Cosa Mas Preciada, the fourth segment, almost made me turn the movie off. It's a parody of B movies, but involves a goblin-thing "stealing" a teens virginity. It's not funny, even though it tries to make the rape humorous. I still don't understand the sixth segment, Munecas. It's in black an white and involves kidnap, dolls, and tourists.

Final Thoughts: If you have a strong stomach, don't mind reading subtitles, and like anthologies, check this one out.

In Your Game: 

Siete Veces Siete (Seven Times Seven)
Power Level: 5

Requirement: The ritual requires a specific arcane pattern to be drawn around the corpse. After hours of chanting, the caster must bite into a demon heart, and spit the contents into the corpses mouth. Finally to complete the ritual the caster must feed the corpse at least 5 Life Points worth of blood a day for seven days. On the seventh day the corpse becomes a fully living human.

Effect: The dark spell allows the caster to use ancient bargains and his own life force to bring a corpse back to life. On the second day the corpse is reanimated as a hungry zombie. It must be fed bled for the next six nights to fully be restored to life. If any night is interrupted the body stays a zombie.

This spell only affects humans.

New To Me Movies Watched: 10
Total Movies Watched: 15

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