Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October Horror Movie Challenge - The Hunted/Rufus (2012)

This is the misleading cover of the American release.
This a poster for the original Canadian release.

Synopsis: Rufus is a shy teenager who just wants to belong and figure out what he is. This leads him to a small town. Unfortunately his past seems to be catching up with him.

The Good: I absolutely loved this film. It's very quirky and has an indie soundtrack.  The cast is phenomenal and the characters are likable. I was interested in each character's development and I just adored Rufus.

The Bad: This is not a horror movie. I was mislead by the cover and Hulu description. There are a total of three deaths and none of them are shown graphically. At no point in the movie are you scared of Rufus. Now this isn't a problem as long as you aren't expecting a horror movie.

Final Thoughts: I adored this movie. I put it in the same category as Only Lovers Left Alive. I would consider this an indie teen version of Let the Right One In.

In Your Game:  With his ability to walk in the sun and heal with his blood, I think Rufus would make a great sought-after vampire messiah figure.

Name: Rufus

Motivation: Be loved and fit in.
Critter Type: Vampire
Attributes: Str 5, Dex 10, Con 8, Int 3, Per 3, Will 5
Ability Scores: Muscle 16, Combat 19, Brains 13
Life Points: 92 Drama Points: 10
Special Abilities: Hard to Kill 10, Healing Blood*, Sunlight Immunity, Vampire
Name                               Score   Damage               Notes
Bite                                    19         10                 Slash/stab
Claw                                  19         15                 Slash/stab
Dodge                                19          -                  Defensive action

*Healing Blood, Rufus can spend a drama point to heal a mortal using blood magic. For every life point of self-inflicted damage Rufus takes, the recipient heals 5 life points.

New To Me Movies Watched: 6
Total Movies Watched: 8

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