Thursday, November 3, 2016

Black Sheep - Part I

2006's Black Sheep is one of my favorite horror comedies. It's also a party of an interesting sub-genre of zombie films I enjoy, the non-zombie zombie movie. The flesh eating-hordes in Black Sheep are a flock of genetically altered sheep. I'm not saying the movie is brilliant, but it's pretty funny and has some nice gore. This isn't my first post about the movie btw.

Oldfield Sheep

Strength 3                                    Intelligence 0 (animal)
Dexterity 3                                   Perception 2
Constitution 3                               Willpower 1

Life Points 34                             Speed 12
Endurance Points 27                   Essence Pool 12

Attacks: Bite D6 (3) X Strength + infection

Sheep bitten by infected sheep because flesh-eating sheep. Humans bit become sheep-man hybrids (stats coming later).


  1. I missed your first post on this. Amazing stuff...I have to watch this soon...

    1. I don't think you were following my blog when I posted it. Black Sheep is just a fun (sometimes gross flick). I love it.