Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Maximum Mayhem Dungeon #4 - Vault of the Dwarven King Kickstarter

"The Dwarven King of Brundurum has summoned you to his throne room within the Smokey Mountain. Brave souls are needed for a noble quest into the depths of the earth to retrieve the legendary hammer known as Fireheart. But beware - the Goblin King and his evil hordes believe the hammer woke a Lava Titan and they will seek to possess it at all costs. Who is telling the truth? Who is really kin to this ultimate weapon? What secret powers are at play in this tale of suspicion, intrigue and betrayal? Only your stalwart group of adventurers will find out and walk away with more fortune and glory than ever... if you can escape the Vault of the Dwarven King!"

+Mark Taormino and Maximum Mayhem Dungeon is back! Vault of the Dwarven King is an OSRIC adventure for levels 4-7. The project is already funded and looks great. Mark's previous adventure have all been a lot of fun and I'm sure this one will too.

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