Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mimic (Cinematic Unisystem)

This should not be confused with the other cinematic unisystem Mimic post I did.

This post was inspired by one of +Timothy Brannan's older posts, Recycled Adventures. I want to play Ash vs The Keep on the Borderland or something very similar to it. Because of this I'm going to look at some iconic D&D monsters and give them cinematic unisystem stats. Taking a queue from one of the false Necronomicons in Army of Darkness, I've decided to start with the mimic.

Name: Mimic
Motivation: Gotcha!
Critter Type: Aberration
Attributes: Str 4, Dex 3, Con 5, Int 2, Per 2, Will 2
Ability Scores: Muscle 14, Combat 13, Brains 10
Life Points: 46 Drama Points: 5
Special Abilities: Armor 10 (item form only), Perfect Copy
Name                   Score   Damage               Notes
Bite                          13         12                Slash/stab; target must be grappled
Grapple                    18          -                   Resisted by dodge
Pseudopod               13          10                 Bash

Perfect Copy: The mimic looks exactly like what it is mimicking. Unless it moves it's indistinguishable from a mundane item.

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