Friday, June 2, 2017

The Green Horde is Coming!

I really like Zombicide and I'm sad I didn't have money when they ran their Black Plague Kickstarter. Right now CMON is running a Kickstarter for their second fantasy Zombicide outing, Green Horde. There's just one pledge level at 120 dollars (plus shipping), but it gets you so many high quality minis it's definitely worth it. The base game contains 72 miniatures. By backing the Kickstarter you also getting the ridiculously awesome looking feral dragon and ballista. At the time this has been posted there have been 38 stretch goal minis unlocked. This is just within a couple of days. It has 25 days to go and I'm sure a multitude of extras are going to be unlocked by then. The Zombicide minis are all fantastic, but the game itself is really damn fun too. Here's a how to play video:

Like previous Kickstarters for Zombicide, many of the stretch goals are based on real people of movie characters. So far this campaign has unlocked dopplegangers of Eowyn (LotR), George Michael, Prince, Thulsa Doom (Conan), Queen Bavmorda (Willow), Ragnar and Lagertha (Vikings), Valeria (Conan), The Legendary Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh (Monty Python), and Wolverine (X-Men). I know some of the other exclusives are dopplegangers, just not sure of what characters.

If you've got the money to spare, I highly recommend backing this one.

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