Friday, July 28, 2017

Gearing Up For MCC

Thundarr WIP by uncannyknack
Mutant Crawl Classics can't get here soon enough. As a Kickstarter backer I have my pdf, but I can't wait to get my irradiated tentacles... er I mean totally normal human hands on it.

Just a reminder that the folks at Sanctum Secorum released a free pdf that lets you add some post-apocalyptic Kirby action to MCC.

Anyone else back this or plan on picking it up once it drops? There's a third party licence, so we should be in for a treat. I'm hoping the folks that do Crawling Under A Broken Moon hop on board (and I'm sure they will).

I've been toying with doing a Borderlands tabletop and MCC might be a good rule set to do that with.


  1. Hi, with all of the Umerican Kickstarter work going on I am afraid there is no MCC stuff in the works at the moment, sorry.

  2. This is one of a handful of items that could get me to splurge for a nice, big gaming book, which I buy rarely-to-never anymore. As the CUABM zine has shown, MCC and adventuring after the end of days are like peanut butter and chocolate. I also think there's something really cool about seeing some of these heirs to the d20 era branching out into their own genres (a la Pathfinder to Starfinder, C&C to Amazing Adventures).

  3. Yes, I'll be buying MCC - even though I'll be getting it for the art, random tables, and inspirational flavor text.