Saturday, July 29, 2017

Light City - Fighting the Third Reich

This post is an excuse for me to practice statting out villains and mooks for Light City. While my upcoming villains projects will include generic thugs and soldiers as well as public domain villains, these posts like this let me have fun with copyrighted materials without getting in trouble.

I will admit the subject matter was inspired by +Tim Knight's post about the new Ray and the Freedom Fighters animated DC project. 

Nazi Soldier 
AC: 7 [12] HD: 1 Attacks: rifle (1d6, range long) or bayonet (1d6-1) Move: 12

This is your typical Nazi stormtrooper. They are typically armed with bolt action rifles. 

Nazi Waffen-SS
AC: 7 [12] HD: 2 Attacks: rifle (1d6, range long) or machine gun (1d6+2, range short) or dagger (1d6-1) or grenade (see below)  Move: 12

These fanatics are handpicked to join Hitler's elite units.They are better armed and trained than a standard fascist soldier. They gain a +1 bonus on all saves due to their training and morale. In addition they may have grenades. Any hit by a grenade must make a saving throw or take 2d6 damage. All characters within 10' of the character must also make a saving throw or take 1d6 damage.

Primate Platoon Gorilla
AC: 5 [14] HD: 4 Attacks: machine gun (1d6+, short range ) or clubs/fists (1d6+1)  Move: 12/12 (Climb)

The primate patrol were a group of brainwashed gorillas that the Nazis were training to be powerful guards and potentially soldiers. 

Nazi Zombie Soldier
For a typical Nazi zombie use the zombie stats from Swords & Wizardry Light (though use the rules below if they are infection zombies).

Nazi Zombie Commander
AC: 8 [12] HD: 3 Attacks: rifle (1d6, range) or strike (1d6)  Special: Immune to sleep, charm, infection (see below) Move: 9

Whether made by cursed Nazi gold, blasphemous science, or Hitler's obsession with the occult, Nazi zombies are way more common than they should be. Some Nazi zombies make more zombies. Anyone hit by a zombies strike must make a saving throw or turn into a zombie (sometimes this only takes 1d6 rounds, sometimes it takes that many days). In addition, any person killed by a infected Nazi zombie will rise as one with 1d6 rounds.


  1. These are great (and happy to hear something I posted was your inspiration!)

  2. You can NEVER go wrong with an ape and some zombies. :)

    So awesome...keep 'em coming!