Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Light City - The Green Ronin

This isn't a public domain character conversion. It's a fun tribute to the publisher of my favourite published supers system

Green Ronin

Real Name: Kenji Stevenson
First Appearance: Tales of the Yakuza #1

AC 4 [15]      HD: 4    Attacks:  Katana/Wakizashi (1d6+2)  Special: cast Invisibility 2/day    Move: 12/12 (climb)

The Japanese-American vigilante known as Green Ronin operates primarily on the west coast. However, the recent rise is Yakuza activity in Light City has brought him to the shining beacon. While he believes his cause is noble, his lethal methods put him at odds with many in the super hero community. The criminal Ronin hates above all others is King Cobra, the man responsible for his father's death.


  1. Awesome! And I love having little bits of lore like the King Cobra connection dropped in as background appetizers. (Conscious nod to Storm Shadow, by the way...?)

    1. It wasn't a conscious one actually.

    2. I may be stretching there anyway, I guess...was thinking about SS's vendetta against Zartan for killing the Hard Master. I don't really know how much that's been carried on in Joe lore beyond the old comics.

    3. This is a spoiler but in the second live action GI Joe movie that's a big reveal.