Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Light City - Hawkeye

I wanted to make a character using The Assembly, so I present you with bronze age Hawkeye.

Level 3 Marksman

Real Name Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton
First Appearance Tales of Suspense #56 (September 1964)
Str 12                Int 10
Dex 18 (+1)       Wis 11
Con 13              Cha 15 (+1)
HD (15 HP)
AC 6 [13] (dexterity, armored costume)
Save 13
Attacks Bow (+5 to hit, 1d6+1 damage, medium range) or Bow (+4 to hit, 1d6-1 damage)
Trick Missiles: acid, grappling hook, stun

This might be a hint at the next Light City class I'm going to work on...
And this is just for laughs...

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