Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Light City - Moira

Moira is a new Overwatch character and would make an interesting npc for a supers game.She could be a source of powers, mastermind, or something else all together.

"Surrender to my will!"

Moira O'Deorian is both a brilliant and controversial geneticist. Her ultimate goal is to move humanity to its next evolution and true potential, but the cold and calculating Moira is amoral about what it takes to reach this. She has a seat on the inner council of Talon, making her a close ally of Doom Fist.

Real Name: Moira O'Deorian
First Appearance: Overwatch (2017)
AC 7 [12]      HD: 5    Attacks: Biotic Grasp (1d6+1, range 30', can heal or deal damage) Move: 12

Moira can fade 5 times per day. This is the equivalent of the Dimension Door spell but only has a range of 30'. Once per day she can use her coalescence. This is a 30'X1' beam that heals and damages just like her biotic grasp. Moira is able to choose how the coalescence affects those caught in it. The ability lasts for 1d6 rounds.
I didn't give her the orb ability she has in game because I thought she seemed strong enough without it.


  1. Man, Overwatch has a really cool look to it. I should devote some time to exploring it more at some point.

    1. The game is a blast and the lore is fantastic. You should check out all of the cinematic shorts.