Friday, February 9, 2018

Joker vs. Negan (with Negan and Lucille Stats)

I've definitely been in a Bat-mood recently and this was pretty entertaining. Joker's got some nice puns in this. Skip to 4:50 to watch the fight.

Here's a goofy related vid too:

First Appearance: Walking Dead #100 (July 2012)

Negan is the brutal leader of Sanctuary. He is intimidating and can be a genuine psychopath. However, he can also show mercy if someone seems useful, is open to negotiation, and is disgusted by the act of rape.

AC 7 [12]      HD: 4 (20 HP)    Attacks: Lucille (1d6+1) Move: 12

Lucille - This intimidating weapon is a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire. Once per combat it's wielder may attempt to use it to intimidate their foes. These opponents must make a successful saving throw or be unable to act normally for 1d3 rounds (50/50 chance to be frozen in fear for flee).

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