Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Light City - Bob the Goon

Bob the Goon
Real Name: Robert Hawkins
First Appearance: Batman (1989)
AC 8 [11]      HD:2+1 (9 HP)    Attacks: Karate (1d6 dmg) or Handgun (1d6 dmg, medium range) Move: 12

Equipment: Joker Leather Jacket (-1 [+1] armor] Handgun, Knife, Gas Mask, Cool Hat

Once per day, Bob can do a power kick. This unarmed attack does and extra 1d3 damage and knocks its target down.


Netflix recently added a bunch of Batman flicks. I've decided to rewatch them. Last night I watched the original Burton Batman. I remember liking it as a kid and its' held up well. It's still probably my favourite Batman film. One of my favourite characters from it was Bob the Goon. I even had his silly action figure as a kid. I decided to stat him up for Light City, because... well just because I wanted to.