Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Light City - Ant Queen

Ant Queen
Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: Slam-Bang Comics #6 (August 1940)
AC 8 [11]      HD: 1+1    Attacks: Weapon (1d6) Move: 12

Orphaned in Africa at a young age, the girl that would one day become the Ant Queen was a mutant with telepathic abilities that affected insects. She was raised by a colony of giant red driver ants (ranging from the size of cats to cars). She returned to civilization, but realized she didn't fit in, which made her loath humanity. She constructed a helmet with antennae that gave her complete control over the ants that raised her. She has vowed to be a menace and make mankind suffer.

For most giant ants in Ant Queen's colony use the giant ant worker and soldier stats from The Tome of Horrors Light.

Giant Ant (car-sized)
AC 6 [13]      HD:4    Attacks: Bite (1d6+ poison) Move: 15

Anyone bitten by the ant must make a saving throw. If they fail they take an addition 1d6 points of poison damage.


  1. Wait, is that her actual origin story from the comic? I love it, AND I love that comics are weird enough that even if you made up the origin, I had to ask if it's her "real" Golden Age background...!

    1. I embellished and altered it a little bit. She didn't have any latent psychic powers. She was just lost in Africa and the ants raised her for some reason. She returned to humanity, but hated it. She created the helmet to control the (doesn't say how) and decided to wreak havoc on villages near her home.

    2. Haha...sounds close enough! Man, I love comics.