Thursday, March 29, 2018

Light City - Skrillex and Rick Ross

Don't try to justify it. Just go with it. This is a silly post that I came to my mind a few months back. I posted asking if Skrillex and Rick Ross were DC villains since they were working with Jared Leto Joker in this video. I decided to finally be goofy and make it a legit post.

It goes well with my Jaden Smith Batman and Tommy Wiseau Joker.

Real Name: Sonny John Moore
First Appearance: My Name Is Skrillex (2010)
AC 6 [13]      HD: 2   Attacks: "Dub Step" (1d6 + special, range 30')  Move: 12

Skrillex can create destructive vibrations. His dub step attack can only hit grounded targets. Anyone hit by it must make a saving throw or fall to the ground. Once per day he can "drop the bass" and deal 2d6 damage to all creatures within 30' (save to reduce damage by one half).

Rick Ross
Real Name: William Leonard Roberts II
First Appearance: Port of Miami (2006)
AC 5 [14]      HD: 3+1   Attacks: weapon (1d6+1) or pistol (1d6, medium range)  Move: 12

Ross doesn't have any special powers, but he's mean, smart, and knows how to fight. 

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