Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Light City - Chicken Master

Honorable Chicken Master
Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: Chicken Attack
AC: 7 [12]               HD 2                           Attacks Unarmed (1)         Move 12

Little is known of the merciful man known as the Honorable Chicken Master. He claims that he can control all animals and that plants follow him as well. He is the Honorable Chicken Master because chickens are the most fun! There is definitely something unhinged about him, which can be seen when he talks about chickens, but ultimately he is a champion of goodness. He's never seen without his loyal attack chicken (which is a white chicken that can transform into a man in white chicken themed ninja gear).

Attack Chicken
AC: 5 [14]               HD 3                           Attacks Unarmed (1d6+1)         Move 15


  1. Replies
    1. I love this video so much. This is actually the second time I've statted him out. He also has Lamentations of the Flame Princess stats, because this definitely counts as weird fantasy.