Saturday, May 19, 2018

Light City - Bloodlines Parasites

Bloodlines Parasite
Real Name: Various 
First Appearance: Lobo Annual #1 (1993)
AC 3 [16]      HD 8 (45 HP)    Attacks X2 Claws (1d6+2 dmg + special) Move 12/ 12 (Climb)

These alien parasites drain spinal fluid from humanoids. If they hit with at least two claw attacks in the same round, the target is considered grappled. On the parasites next turn the target takes 1d6 damage automatically, as it's spinal fluid is drained. This paralyzes the target (who can make a saving throw each of their turns to break free of the paralysis and grapple). Non metahumans killed in this way have a chance to revive and gain superpowers. They are referred to as New Blood. 

The parasites have two forms. One his a hulking armored xenomorph-like creature and this other is humanoid with similar insect-like armor (but unarmored head). This armor is very powerful and they ignore 5 points of damage from all attacks. New Bloods ignore this damage reduction. 

Some Parasites have secondary powers, such as the ability to fly (Movement 20 fly), charm others (treat as the Charm Person spell), or have multiple limbs (grant extra attacks)

The ultimate goal of these creatures is to drain enough fluid to be able to sacrifice themselves to the Taker... a kaiju-like creature in hibernation aboard their ships.  Eventually this creature will spawn new parasites and the cycle will begin again.

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