Thursday, May 24, 2018

Light City - Thor Odinson

When Jonanthan and I start working on Light City material I proposed that demigod and god characters could be represented by clerics. The difference is instead of drawing on power from another god, their spells come from their innate divinity. Given that idea I present you with classic Thor. The Mjolnir stats below originally appeared in this post. You should check that post out, there's a cool Wonder Woman vs. Thor fan film.

The Mighty Thor
Level 7 Cleric
Real Name Thor Odinson
First Appearance Journey Into Mystery #83 (August, 1962)
Str 24 (+2)   Int 10
Dex 14         Wis 15 (+1)
Con 17 (+1)  Cha 17 (+1)
6 HD (35 HP), Saving Throw 8, Move 12/24 (Fly)
AC 5 [14] (Chain)
Attacks Mjolnir, +6 to hit, 2d6+2 damage or +4 to hit, 2d6+2, medium range
Class Abilities +2 on saves vs. death and poisons, Turn Undead
Spells 1st: 4, 2nd: 3, 3rd: 2
Equipment Chain armor, Mjolnir

Mjolnir - The chosen weapon of Thor Odinson, Mjolnir is an artifact level version of a Thunder Weapon (see Light City: The Assembly). This hammer may only be wielded by those it deems worthy. It provides a +1 bonus to hit rolls and can be swung or thrown (medium range) for 2d6 damage. If thrown it will return to its owner. The wielder may control storms and fire lightning bolts from it 2/day (treat as Magic Missile). In addition they gain a fly speed equal to twice their normal speed.

Here's a Thor track by nerd rockers, Kirby Krackle that I love:

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  1. I think that using the Cleric is a great approach to divine characters! I could even see a God/dess "advanced class" (using the slower advancement rules) that just takes the Cleric and tacks on a way to boost one or more stats to a godlike level.