Thursday, May 16, 2019

Crisis in Vigilante City aka Introducing Vigilante File Story Arcs

The Lone Bards are looking to expand our Vigilante Files offerings. One new idea we have is our Story Arcs. These are going to be sandbox style module/settings. There will be an overarching plot/danger with hooks and small plots/dangers that can be used in conjunction with the main plot. You can expect stats of the major players and mooks, new equipment/items, and maybe even a class or other  content. 

The design principles come from Josh's one page adventures. Josh is not a fan of the standard modules that most GM's are familiar with. Highly detailed maps and text boxes aren't really his bag and they kick his anxiety into overdrive. That was the inspiration for the Story Arc format.

I like to think of them like the annual comic book events that we all love and hate. 

Josh already has one he's working on, Invasion!

Invasion will see Martian forces invading the city. The pdf will include stats for the martians and their advanced technology, detail various action zones the players can interact with, and even include what happens in the aftermath. Much like Spider-Man: Homecoming, we'll take a look at the tech that gets left behind after an invasion and how it changes things. Also, for those of you that didn't know, this Story Arc was hinted at in our Free Comic Book Day offering: Crisis on Free Comic Book Day!.

I've wanted to do a vampire-centric event and inspiration has hit me today. 

War of the Vampire Lords (working title) will pit two iconic vampire lords with beef against each other: Count Dracula and Prince Mamuwalde! Now I obviously don't own the rights to the Blacula films, but I can that doesn't mean I can create an expy of him. I will also include my Mamuwalde headcannon and establish that he was a prince of Wakanda (or the Wakanda with serial numbers filed off country in our setting). There will be stats for Drac, Mamuwalde, possibly Orlock and Bathory, a vampire cult, voodoo practitioners, Wakanda-esque tech, and possibly dhampyr and vampire slayers classes. 

If you need some vampire goodness to tide you over until it's release, check out Drugula and the Silver Screen.

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