Tuesday, August 3, 2021

#RPGaDay2021 - Day 03

For today's topic I rolled image. I often get gaming inspiration from images. My go-to source for this is Magic: The Gathering cards. I played Magic regularly from about 97/98 until 03. Even after I stopped playing regularly, I still periodically bought cards because opening booster packs is fun and I like to collect things. There have been a few sets that have really interested me. I loved buying packs related to Innistrad (aka MtG Ravenloft). Recently I've started playing playing again (first via Magic Arena and now playing Commander with friends). I know this is RPG a Day and I'm talking talking about a card game, but there is definitely a crossover here. There have been several Magic pdfs and with the release of Strixhaven three books for D&D. Additionally, the latest Magic set is Forgotten Realms themed. I know this still seems off-topic for today's topic, but I wanted to show where my love of MtG art came from. Think of this as the rambling before the recipe on most websites. 

Okay, let's get into the good stuff. These are some of the MtG images that stuff with me over the years and make me want to game.

Gift of Orzhova

Blood Pet

Fallen Angel

Sightless Ghoul

Goblin Hero

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