Friday, September 17, 2021

Tome of Debasement

The Tome of Debasement is a DCC zine from Breaker Press Games. This vile tome is details Herlezzect the Debased God. This lord of deceit, corruption, death, and decay is the bane of the sane and just. The zine allows judges to outfit these dark clerics with unique and depraved abilities. Herlezzect's clerics heal via a bloodletting ritual, rather than laying on hands like classic DCC clerics. This power/spell is detailed. The titles of his clerics are deal with decay and corruption. A unique disapproval chart is provided those that displease their dark master. Herlezzect's clerics are given three unique powers. Scuttle Sight allows clerics to see through the eyes of and potentially summon and control vermin. Hand of Corruption and Decay allows them to call on the power of their god to damage and physically corrupt their foes. Worm Tunnel summons a horrific spectral worm that can travel through dimensions. Several dark spells utilized by dark clerics are included. These are Deceiving Visage, Putrescent Bog, Rotting Stench, Halo of Flies, Lash, Twisted Form, Radiant Corruption, and Uncontrollable Urge. The book ends with new magic items, the Eyes of Corruption, magic gems that radiate with Herlezzect's power.  

I recommend this zine to any judge that wants to create some unique and particularly nasty villains for their game. The spells are flavorful and the zine is full of content. The artwork is gross and appropriate. You can grab your own copy here.

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