Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Character Creation Challenge - Day 25

I decided to take my idea from yesterday, that my cat Trixie, was a speedster super-pet and translate it to Vigilante City. I did this by making her a Vigilante City Super Speedster, but also giving there the Cosmos Cat race from the What Shadows Hide Cthulhu Sourcebook.

Name: Trixie
Alignment: Law
Class: Super Speedster
Level: 1

Str: 5 (-2)
Int: 15 (+1)
Wis: 11 (+0)
Dex: 23 (+5)
Con: 10 (+0)
Cha: 19 (+3)
Sur: 11

Courage: 10
Critical: 10
Death: 8
Magic: 8
Mental: 12
Poison: 7

Languages: Cosmos Cat, English, Spanish
AC: 20 (dexterity, natural bonus, class bonus )
HP: 7
Toughness: -/ 1 (when running)
Move: 32 ( run X4)

Initiate: +7

Claw/Bite -2 to hit, 1d4 damage

Athletics: Basic (+0)
Combat Training
Parkour 1 (+6)
Stealth 1 (+6)

Special Traits
Seize the Moment +1
Dark Vision 60'
Advantage on all Balancing, Spot, Listen, Scent, Jumping, and Climbing checks.
Takes no damage from the first 40' of a fall and 1/2 (rounded up) from higher falls. Always lands on feet.
Telepathy (45' per level)
Traverse the Cosmos: can visit other worlds with mystical felines while sleeping
Charmer: as an action, chan charm a target by looking at them. Target must make a Mental save, even if they don't understand. Cannot be used to harm and must be simple command (such as "open this door" or "feed me"). Humans and cats add CHA mod (+3) to their save roll against this ability.
Must eat a meal every two hours or suffer Disadvantage on all saves and attribute checks and are 1/2 Move
Can run, attack, and move without penalty


On her first day on Earth, the young Cosmos Cat named Trixie found herself unwittingly in the middle of a battle between the vigilante Web-Archivist and the evil super-speedster Deadly Dash. The hero saved Trixie from harm but in the conflict somehow she was imbued with a portion of the speedster's powers. After the battle, Web-Archivist adopted the feisty feline and took her home. Though she was born in another dimension, the Cosmos Cat has grown accustomed to life on Earth. She uses her new speed to help keep her community safe, though she keeps her true nature secret from her "silly human."

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