Friday, January 21, 2022

Hit Points Press Big Bad Booklet Patreon - Daniel and The Conqueror Worm

For a short period last year I was a Patreon supporter of Hit Point Press. Each month they create a new big bad boss to send against your D&D 5e party. These are presented in gorgeous pdfs. The pdfs are around 14 pages, but only 8 or so include actual content. They also create monster stat and magic item stat cards. There are three tiers:

  • Bronze ($5) - Pdfs of the cards and big bad booklet
  • Silver ($10) - As above but you also get VTT assets and STLs
  • Gold ($15) - As above but you also get a printed Big Bad Booklet (which ships free worldwide)
I backed at the Gold Tier for a month. I had some things come up and couldn't continue backing. The content created by the Patreon is top notch. The artwork is fantastic, layout is crisp, and the big bads are really interesting. The turn around time does take a bit though, if you're going for the print version. This is understandable, but could be a deal breaker for some. For example, I was a supporter in September. I just got the print copy of that month's big bad yesterday. I'm not saying that's too long, but if you are looking for a physical turnaround on your support, you're going to be waiting months. Personally, the size of the combination of the booklet size, price, and wait time makes it a bit to pricey for me. The Bronze tier is definitely worth the price and if you have a 3D printer or do a lot of VTT stuff, the Silver tier is also a good deal. 

I'm going to review the two I've seen. 

The first Big Bad Booklet, Daniel, is available as a free pdf. Daniel is a failed flesh golem. He's a mass of flesh that seeks to give the gift of a blissful joy. Daniel's twisted mind doesn't understand his condition or how living creatures feel. This inevitably leads to him inflicting "joy" on all he meats. Physically the creature is a large fleshy ooze and stats wise has is a mix of a classic ooze and a flesh golem. He's a gross and challenging (challenge rating 15) foe.

The Conqueror Worm is a gargantuan magical flatworm with an apocalyptic vision. Created by druidic ritual designed to defend their lands, this hivemind creature sees all humanoids as invaders to its lands. It can create tiny parasitic wormlings that dwell in humanoids. When they mature  they burst forth from their hosts chest. The worm's ultimate goal is to affect all humanoids and have it's spawn burst forth at the same time, wiping them out. In addition to stats for the main worm (challenge rating 17), there are also stats for young wormlings, a swarm of wormlings, and mature wormlings. I really like this big bad. The whole thing has a Kyuss/Age of Worms vibe, but without the undead and much more insidious. It would be very easy to build a whole campaign around this big bad.

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