Thursday, January 20, 2022

Character Creation Challenge - Day 20

Today's character was created for the third-party sci-fi Mork Borg setting, Vast Grimm.


Agility 7 (-2)
Presence 9 (+0)
Strength 13 (+1)

Toughness 12 (+0)

HP 16

Attack: 19 Sharp Throwing Bones (d4) 
Armor: none

Speed Dealer - can produce d3 injectable Nanotech healing cartridges per day (d8 HP). These lose effectiveness after 24 hours.

Credits: 0
Favors: 1
Equipment/Possessions: coin from fallen society, med kit (13 uses, stops bleeding, heals d4 HP),  electroshield (works as battery to charge other items, absorbs 1 HP damage from an energy  attack up to 10 [each HP = 2 charges])

Background: The databanks surrounding 3M-0 early days of existence have been erased. It was found by a medical ship and had healing Nanotech added to its programming. Unfortunately for 3M-0 the ship was attacked and taken over by the wurms.  3M-0 survived the encounter (though it now has random sparks sputtering from orifices) and is alone. It now sees all insects as wurms and smushes them when possible. To its knowledge there are no other bots like it. It searches anyways though, hoping one day to find another of its kind. It is very sad, very emo. Because it can create healing stims, it doesn't normally have issues finding work and transport.

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