Wednesday, November 23, 2022

G0-BBL3R aka Gobbler

I know Thanksgiving has very problematic origins, but it's still a holiday I celebrate with family. Today I'm ignoring that to post some fun Valor Knights content.

G0-BBL3R aka Gobbler

Evade: 15
HD: 1
HP: 13
Armor Points: 2/3 (with shield)
Level: 1 
Class: Mini-Bot 
Alternate Form: Techtrillion Turkey

STR: +0 INT: +1 WIS: +2
DEX: +4  CON: +1 CHA: +1

Luck: 9
Attack Damage: 1d4


  • Hard Target - attacks made against Gobbler are made at Disadvantage
  • Lucky - additional starting Luck, recovers 3 luck per gaming session, can give Luck points to teammates needing it, allowing them to get additional re-rolls.
  • Generate Ion Shield - can generate ion shield that negates 1 point of damage and increases Armor Points by 1


G0-BBL3R (or Gobbler as he is known by his Valor Knight and Earth allies) is a mini-bot (some would say microbot) who's alternate form is a Techtrillion Turkey. He's an excellent scout and loyal soldier. He's quite fond of humans and has been known to go with Punluvin' on his bookmobile route.


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