Monday, June 5, 2023

Music Monday - Never Forget The Name

Divide has a new track about the main protagonist of Netflix's Castelvania series, Trevor Belmont. I love the duel nature of the track.

If you want to add some Belmont love into your games, I've got some recommendations for you. The following hyperlinks will take you to reviews of these resources. If you play DCC Nightworld is a monster zine that's Castlevania with the serial numbers filed off. There are also versions for SURVIVE THIS!! and 5e. The Macabre zine for DCC also has the Deathstalker class, which is essentially a Belmont class. Finally if you play Lamentations of the Flame Princess or other OSR games, Draugr's and Draculas is the perfect book. It features Dracula, his castle, and minions. This tome also has a Vampire Hunter class. You can't go wrong picking any of these up?

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