Sunday, June 4, 2023

Night of the Werebear Kickstarter

It's not often that I find my kinks hobbies crossing over, but I saw this one and had to back it.  The Night of the Werebear is a one-shot featuring leather-clad werewolves and dubious reverends. The adventure features campy and queer-themed horror. It features a new subrace variant. A new location, the marshy Baneswood, is detailed. The adventure includes unique, battle maps, and some incredible artwork. The adventure will be spiral bound (which isn't the norm, but I don't hate it).

The project has smashed its goal and several stretch goals have been unlocked. If you want something different and are kink friendly, check it out here

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait for the pearl-clutchers to circle the wagons for this. "Y-you mean queer RPG players talk about sex and their fetishes when playing with OTHER consenting adults!!? How can I X-Card someone ELSE's game??!"

    Right on, Pun.