Friday, June 2, 2023

War Of The Realms 5e

Comic artist and prose writer Amy Chase aka Amy Thunderjam has created an adventure that lets players take part in the first part of Marvel's 2019 crossover event, War of the Realms. In the story the dark elf, Malekith the Accursed, leads an invading force into Midgard, the only realm he's not conquered. The heroes of Earth must team up with fighters from other realms to defeat the evil alliance. I've not read the full story, but I've enjoyed the side stories I've read. Additionally, Punisher Kill Krew, a minisseries that deals with the aftermath is phenomenal.  

The adventure is designed for a party of 3-5 level characters, though it can be adapted to others. Amy gives a couple of sidebars to discuss character creation, giving recommendations for how to play characters from the nine realms using pre-existing rules. I would also recommend picking up Marvelous Archetypes: Ultimate Edition. The party are taken to an arctic Roxxon operation by Agent of Wakanda, Roz Solomon and tasked with infiltrating it to take out a sattelite jammer. They will face Malekith's forces, Roxxon mercenaries, and confront Dario Agger aka the Minotaur. This is a fun looking adventure and I'm thinking about using it to kick off a 5e supers game. 

A link to download the adventure can be found in this Tweet. I don't believe she did any follow up conversions, which is a shame.

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  1. That's brilliant, thank you for sharing that. I've only recently started following Amy (because of her Archie work) and missed this 'bonus content' along the way.