Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Chained Coffin Kickstarter

Looks like I've found another Kickstarter to back. Goodman Games has a new one to fund their Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure, The Chained Coffin. They preface the project by saying that the adventure was going to be made whether it's funded or not. The funding is to include a spinning puzzle wheel in the back of the book. The puzzle makes me think of a more complex version of the claw puzzles in Skyrim. I have a 3.5 DCC adventure that features something similar. Now on to The Chained Coffin.

I love the cover art:

Negotiating with Ol' Blackcloak
Reading the description of the adventure has me excited. It's inspired by the Manly Wade Wellman Silver John Books. While I grew up in Ohio, the area is part of the Appalachian region and near West Virginia and Kentucky. This adventure is drawing from folklore and culture that I'm quite familiar with (and have a wonderful love/hate relationship with).

The projected has already been funded and met it's first stretch goal.  That means there will be addition sourcebook material for the Shudder Mountain region written by the author. Ol' Blackcloak (an encounter in the adventure) will also be given a patron writeup. I really hope it reaches the $9000 mark because I would love to see alternate write-ups of the featured monster, the Bad Lick Beast.

The book will also include a mini adventure that features the Rat King, an npc that appeared in the first Dungeon Crawl Classic adventure.

DCC is one of those games I've never got to play but I absolutely love. If you have a little extra cash and would like to see a fantasy adventure that's a departure from the norm, you should check this one out.

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