Friday, May 29, 2015

Cheap Gaming Minis

I love all of my unique minis. I've spent many dollars on prepainted D&D and Pathfinder minis (not count Heroclix and all of the minis games I've played). Since I want to play Deadlands/The Sixth Gun I've looked at getting some old west themed minis. But then it hit me, why not just buy a bag of cowboys and indians like the ones I used to play with?

I've been looking at things online and you can get some sweet collections of things for pretty reasonable prices (considering the quantity). I found this tube of 97 plastic figurines at Target for $5.00. I don't have much use for the green army men, but the monsters are pretty neat.

Below you'll find pics of some of the favorites I've found on Amazon (hyperlinked to take you to the product page).

No they aren't painted and yes they're the little plastic toys like you played with as a child, but each of these packs is 17 bucks or less and if you don't mind the scale, they're a quick way to build a collection. 

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  1. these are kinda cool.
    I have some others that are same shade of neon green. I used them as ghosts.