Thursday, March 3, 2016

Itinerant Gentleman Adventurers - Session 6: You Better Give A Hoot

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The party returned to the secret entrance to the hobgoblins lair. They fought the chief and his Amazonian wives. They also successfully intimidated some of the remaining hobgoblins into abandoning their posts. Unfortunately this hobgoblins informed the chief's daughter (a priestess) and adviser (a wizard). After slaying the remaining hobgoblins, the party took the goblinoids stolen goods to town to sell. They bought another wagon and returned to the cave with Vex to load the rest of their claimed goods. They group was ambushed by a bugbear shaman and some surviving goblins. The shaman surprised them by resurrecting the slain ogre. Fortunately for the party the cleric turned the ogre (which fled into the Shunned Cave). The party quickly dispatched the goblinoids and tracked down the zombified ogre. They gave it final rest and faced the owlbear that had taken up residence in the final cave. The session ended with Valkorme declaring that the party needed to, "cut the head off the beast and take the fight straight to the cultists."

  • Valkorme was on autopilot again because Stew had family obligations.
  • I switched up a lot of the encounters, primarly by adding more spellcasters and such. The party still seemed to get through things with ease.
  • I cheated. I was really excited to use my new owlbear mini and the party took it out with me getting in a single hit. I gave it extra hit points because I wanted it to do something...
  • I took control of Valkorme for story purposes and made the "cut the head off the beast" speech because I knew we only had one session left.

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  1. that's totally something Stew would have said if he was there.