Sunday, April 23, 2017

Even More Literary Magic Items

Kobold Press has released several more literary 5E magic articles.  They've previously detailed items from The Odyssey , Dante's Inferno, and Samson Agonistes

Magic & Munchausen gives us a couple of great tools for adventurers. The Silver Hatchet has some quite bizarre, but useful abilities, including garden guild membership. David's Sling is a powerful giant slaying tool that can act like a grenade launcher.

Spenser & Sword details to noble and mythic weapons. Artegall's Sword is a powerful paladin's blade and symbol of the human side of justice. Britomart's Speare is a weapon for female paladin's and honor that is particularly effective for jousting

Dungeons and Decameron presents us with two alchemical magic items. The Heliotrope is a blood stone that allows it's wielder to cast certain spells. The Seducing Talisman that allows the wielder to use the Suggestion spell (with the save being at disadvantage if the target involves "romantic affairs").

Finally Dante's Angeology presents two new guides for aasimar which provide interesting in game bonuses. The pious and contemplative Piccardi Donati was a nun in life and helps the aasimar she guides with religious rituals. The fierce and valiant, Sir Cacciaguida makes the downtime for weapons training quicker and cheaper.

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