Monday, March 5, 2018

Light City - Deadshot

While the class was written for my upcoming western game, the gunslinger works well in Light City too. Also, the gunslinger doesn't list any armor proficiency, but in Light City I'd rule that they can wear light body armor (-2[+2]). Also, while Deadshot has spent most of his career as an  assassin/villain, I prefer him as a member of Suicide Squad. He's still a bad guy, but he's got some honor, and he fights for the good guys (sort of... depends on your opinion of the US government I suppose).

Level 7 Gunslinger

Real Name: Floyd Lawton
First Appearance: Batman #59 (June 1950)
Str 14            Int 12
Dex 18 (+1)  Wis 11
Con 15 (+1)   Cha 13
4 HD (21 HP) Save: 9 Movement: 12
AC 6 [12] (Light Body Armor, Dex)
Attacks:Wrist Guns (+7 to hit, 1d6 dmg, medium range) or Sniper Rifle (+7, 1d6+1, long range)
Other: Quickdraw (+3 bonus to initiative), backup (sniper rifle, combat knife), Two-Gun Kid (can fire two shots a round, -5 penalty on second shot)
Equipment: Light body armor, wrist pistols X2, night vision sight, sniper rifle

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