Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Carbide City #2 (Signal Boost)

Y'all, Carbide City #2 is in it's last week and still needs around 1500 to reach its funding goal. You can find the project here. This expands the first volume, which was an excellent combination of my favorite genre (supers) and my favorite system (5e). The $65 print and pdf 5Evo bundle is a great deal if you need to catch up on the series and want to expand your 5e games to multiple genres. You can read my reviews of all the books in the bundle by checking out the links below. 

The cats at Limitless Adventures are really cool and this is a project that needs to see the light of day. Also, if you'd like to expand the 5e content presented in Carbide City #1 and #2, you can check out my 5e Supers tag. I'm also thinking about doing a no frills 5e supers zine that can be used to supplement Carbide City and other 5e takes on supers. 

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