Saturday, November 24, 2012

AGE of Fangs - Dracula

For my second AGE of Fangs npc post I decided to stat up the king of vampires. For Bathory I took a tenth level rogue and applied my vampire template. For Dracula I did something similar and applied my template to a 10 level warrior. He is truly a combat monster. Note that the way I wrote him that Dracula is a bit weaker during the day (he loses his armor rating). However if he is expecting trouble he can still wear armor, so he's not defenseless.



3 Communication (Leadership)
7 Constitution
4 Cunning (Heraldry, Historical Lore, Military Lore, Religious Lore)
6 Dexterity (Bite, Initiative, Riding)
2 Magic
3 Perception
7 Strength (Claw, Intimidation, Might, Spears)
5 Willpower (Courage, Self-Discipline)

Combat Ratings
17, 17 (Fly) Speed,  120 Health, 16 Defense, 0/5 Armor Rating 5


Weapon                             Attack Roll           Damage
Bite                                        +8                   1d6+7
Claw                                       +9                   1d6+9
Two-Handed Spear                    +9                   2d6+7 


Favored Stunts: Creatures of the Night (see below), Dual Strike (only costing 3 SP), Mighty Blow (only costing 1 SP), Thirst (see below), Threaten (only costing 1 SP)

Blood is Life: Dracula can bite an unconscious or recently slain enemy and choose to regain 2d6 Health by drinking blood. If used on an unconscious foe, the bite counts as a coup de grace. Erzsébet can choose to only regain 1d6 Health. If she does this the attack isn't considered a coup de grace. If she chooses to feed on the victim again before the victim regains Health then they only regain 1d6 Health and the attack is considered a coup de grace.

Creatures of the Night: Dracula can perform a special stunt costing 5 SP. He can chooe to summon 1d6 Blood Crows, 1d6 Giant Rats, or 2 Wolves (use Mabari War Dog stats)

Dark Vision: Dracula can see in the dark as if it were daylight.

Expert Strike: As level 9 Warrior ability

Final Rest: No one is sure how to permanently destroy Dracula. She has been "killed" many times but she always seems to find a way to return. 

Flight: Dracula has a Fly speed equal to his regular speed.

Mist Form: As a major action Dracula can turn into a cloud of mist. He ignores the effects of terrain and can be harmed by magical attacks. Other attacks simply pass harmlessly through her. He can return to their normal form as a minor action.

Thirst: If Dracula hits with its bite attack she can perform a special stunt costing 3 SP. She regains Health equal to the targets Constitution + 1.

Unholy Flesh: The unholy energies infusing Dracula's flesh grant him an Armor Rating of 5. This ability doesn't function during the day.

Talents: Armor Training (Journeyman), Champion (Master), Thrown Weapon Style (Novice), Two-Hander Style (Master)

Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling, Axes, Heavy Blades, Spears

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